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At Fun N Fit we understand the importance of having a dedicated trainer to help instruct and motivate you.  Studies show that people looking to improve both their fitness and health achieve significantly greater results when using a trainer.

 At Fun N Fit our personal trainers will provide the appropriate level of accountability and discipline while helping you stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals.  We focus on leading you through a fitness program while maintaining your safety at all times.  It is important to note that there is a right way and a wrong way to exercise. Don't risk harming your FUN N FIT today.

FUN N FIT personal training studio offers the following services: 


An important part of any responsible training program, a fitness assessment, objectively measures your current level of physical fitness.  Gaining a baseline will allow you and your trainer to accurately measure your success and make changes to your overall plan as needed. 

FUN N FIT assessment incorporates different processes to achieve accurate results.

The Fitness assessment measures:

  • Body fat

  • BMI (Body Mass Index)

  • Physical endurance

  • Muscle strength

  • Blood pressure

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